34th European Traditional Karate Championship for Cadets, Juniors, Youth, Seniors and Veterans

Invitation from Sensei Vladimir JORGA / ETKF President

Invitation from Sensei Șerban VALECA / RTKF Honorary President

Invitation from Sensei Nicolae MĂRĂNDICI / RTKF President

From: Invitation from Univ. Prof. Vladimir JORGA MD., PhD.  -  President of ETKF for all European Karateka:

Dear karatekas,

European Traditional Karate Federation and Romanian Traditional Karate Federation  have the greatest pleasure to invite you to the 34th EUROPEAN TRADITIONAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP for Cadets, Juniors, Youths, Seniors, Veterans.

As most of you know this is very important time and moment for ETKF, as we are all trying to maintain unity, to strengthen European Federation and enlarge our federation with new members and countries. Based on our decision, and by determination of our athletes from each member’s states, the traditional European karate force is already recognized. That is why I invite you to join the 34th edition of the European Traditional Karate Championship.
Towards this goal and idea,  I’m personally asking you kindly, and in the name of ETKF, to try to participate to this Championship in maximum number of country participants.

Also, we would like to use this Tournament as a 11-year Memorial tournament since our President, Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama passed away, and as a 6-year since the founder of RTKF, Sensei Dan Stuparu sadly passed away too. In glory and memory of both of them, their work and contribution to the traditional karate worldwide, we would like this Tournament to be the opportunity to unite, to see how much we progressed, to exchange knowledge and experiences and plan further development of traditional karate, united as ETKF. 

Also, to use this kind of event to show our great support to strengthening and uniting the ITKF and traditional karate in World.  

With the greatest pleasure we will welcome your athletes, coaches, referees and official representatives of your National Federation. We are looking forward to your participation.

Official invitation
1st announce of the Official Invitation can be downloaded from the link above:

view ETKC2019 - official invitation (pdf)

Gichin Funakoshi

Hidetaka Nishiyama

Vladimir Jorga

Ilija Jorga

Dan Stuparu


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